... and all day have a fun Copyright ©  FLIP SPORT® │ All Rights Reserved  │                        Senden Sie uns hier Ihre Anfrage    AGB click on the preview and watch the video Have Fun ! to watch the videos click on the preview images. Enjoy this Fun ! LOOPYBALL EVENT This trend sport is really funny! Loopyball motivated, moved and promotes fitness, endurance, balance and reaction.   TRY IT YOURSELF! The sporting experience is a great way to relieve stress and to reduce aggression. With the Loopyballs can bump into as often as you want. The players are well protected and the fouls and Fights will be a fun experience for all. ENTERTAINMENT Here not only train the participants their mobility, but also those watching their funny bone. The extraordinary adventure thrilled everyone and remains in the positive long recollection. Are you planning a sporting event? Have you thought of something exciting? Loopyball is the best choice. We offer you an unforgettable event with many Loopyball game variations. Ask now!   here If you need help with the organization of a Loopyball event, we like to support you. EVENT CONDITION: Place required:   depending on the number of Loopyballs and depending on game type Electricity required: standard 230V Care: our professional caregivers (depending on number of Loopyballs) Action time:   max 8 hours per day  (inkl. preliminary and reworking) only 1 time inflate Indoor or Outdoor